All the goodness of Butternut. Other than Halloween, this berry with many properties gives its best in the kitchen and in cosmetics. It is also an excellent health protection.

Autumn means pumpkin: from the end of September the Butternut pumpkins are harvested and processed in the SIPO house. In the commercial Halloween ritual, now very popular in Italy too, they are part of the scenography of the macabre party. But their true value is released in the kitchen.
Pumpkin is actually a berry, there are several varieties different in color and shape, which can be white, green, black and striped, round, oval, smooth. For all the flavor and delicate taste are appreciated for their versatility in the kitchen.

Nothing is thrown away from the pumpkin, you can eat all the parts: the leaves can be fried until they turn bright green, the flowers are excellent in batter, the sprouts enrich soups and soups, and the peel if, for example, cooked in oven becomes very good, and some breweries have also started producing craft beers. Even emptied of the pulp they can be very useful: once upon a time musical instruments were built with empty pumpkins, such as maracas by making the seeds resonate inside and were also used by farmers as containers to carry water or wine around.

The lantern to scare Jack
Obviously many of you then take up the Celtic tradition of putting candles inside, to scare Jack O’Lantern, a wandering soul, condemned to wander the earth for eternity; the pumpkin used in this way is typical of Halloween. Pumpkin is not only good, but it is a real ally of health. Vitamin C, contained in high percentages in its pulp, becomes a valid aid to strengthen the immune system and prevent seasonal ailments. The high presence of water and fiber, on the other hand, helps to ensure proper functioning of the intestinal tract and prevent constipation.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that pumpkin is also rich in Omega 3 which help protect against cardiovascular diseases and is also rich in cucurbit which exerts a preventive action against urinary tract disorders such as cystitis, preparing a decoction based on boiled pumpkin seeds in the milk or water for about half an hour. Excellent advice is to alternate olive oil with pumpkin oil in the kitchen, as it is very rich in vitamins and mineral salts and has a low calorie content, 25 Kcal for about 100 grams.

The sultan’s aphrodisiac
For the more curious, its seeds were nicknamed the sultan’s aphrodisiac, since in their small shell there is a considerable amount of magnesium and zinc that stimulate the secretion of testosterone.

So what are you waiting for to buy pumpkins and prepare excellent recipes?

Pane alla Zucca;
Gratin di Zucca al Parmigiano;
Zucca al forno;
Risotto del Ringraziamento;
Ravioli di Zucca burro e salvia;
Vellutata di Zucca e Porri;
Crema di Zucca e Menta;
Parmigiana di Zucca;
Minestra di Zucca e Curcum;
Muffin liquorosi alla Zucca;
Gnocchetti di Zucca;
Vellutata di Zucca e Broccoli;
Sbrisolona con Zucca Gialla