Our Values

• The family, the history, a region, Romagna

• Farm production in controlled supply chain in open field and greenhouse

• Qualitative enhancement of the Romagna area and specific Italian production areas

• Seasonality + annual continuity

We want to convey to the consumer the experience, the heed, the taste of the product as if he were cultivating it with us

Unique products: no waste,usefulness, right quantity for the recipe, freshness, quality

• Specialized products: reciped, minestroni, Romagna vegetables, aromatic herbs, mushrooms, organic

• Constant research and development: collaborations with universities, research centres, chefs and nutritionists

 Incessant attention to consumer needs: healthy eating, seasonal. tasty

• The entire production chain operates according to sustainability criteria

Always attentive to the preservation of the enviroment, the rational management of the planet’s resources and the well-being of people, we daily consolidate low environmental impact cultivation techniques that respect man and nature, along the entire supply chain.

Our production sustainability procedures favor the rotation of crops that take place according to the methods of integrated pest management or organic farming, minimizing the use of pesticides up to completely eliminating them, in the case of organic farming.

Our products are safe because they are controlled through HACCP procedures and have a Global Gap certified traceability that allows them to be marketed in Italy and in many countries around the World. Furthermore, we have organic farming certification which allows us to be welcomed in countries with the highest quality standards such as Japan, where we are present thanks to the Jas certification.

It is by investing in constant research and enhancing the skills of our professionals that we are committed to providing local, seasonal, good and healthy products, contributing day after day to safeguarding the health of our ecosystem and of those who choose us with confidence.

Each of our actions is aimed at preserving water as the essence of life, which is why its conscious management guides all our production procedures.

The study of the effects of temperature on pathogenic microorganisms allows us to save water from the aqueduct by using well water cooled to a specific temperature to: stabilize the microbial load in the heart of the product, extend the life of the product and counteract the deterioration of the vegetables. Virtuosa is also the management of waste water which is conveyed to a groundwater within the company to be then used in the irrigation of crops, limiting waste.

The value of transformation

Reusing by-products and being able to dispose of waste by transforming it, leads to a reduction in the need for natural resources and has a strong positive impact on the environment.

It is in this perspective that we have started collaborations with some farms in the area so that our waste (all certified by local authority) and processing by-products, are reused daily in the formulation of food for zootechnical use, thus reducing the environmental impact necessary for their production and making the waste transformation process more efficient.

Protection is green

Our “green” side envelops all your products.

Since 2019 to date, we have reduced the plastic material used for packaging products by 33% and R-PET (recycled PET) has been introduced. This modern polymer is obtained from the recovery and recycling processes of the common Pet and at the end of its life cycle it in turn falls into a new recovery and transformation process.

Our commitment to the introduction of new eco-friendly materials and that of our consumers in placing used packaging in the appropriate separate collection containers, unites us in a careful synergy for the care of the environment.

The good for everyone

Contribuendo al benessere dei più fragili, riduciamo gli sprechi. With our healthy products rich in essential nutrients, we take care of the health of as many people as possible. For this, we donate the excess vegetables still in good condition to the local Caritas of Rimini. By contributing to the well-being of the most vulnerable, we reduce waste.


Sipo supports A.R.O.P, Volunteer Association of the Pediatric Ward of the Rimini Infermi Hospital. Founded and managed by parents and volunteers, it aims to improve the quality of therapeutic pathways that involve young patients suffering from from oncohematological diseases and their families.

Sensitive to female employment issue, we have a female employee share with more than 70% of the staff in warehouses and offices.

All our producers are registered in the quality agricultural work network for compliance with labor and social standards. The company adheres to Law 626 which regulates safety at work and all our direct employees are hired for an indefinite or fixed term according to the Aneioa contract: National Collective Labor Agreement for employees of Fruit, Vegetable and Citrus Companies.

We require all of our supplier farms to register employees with the agricultural network to certify their protection and regularity by the law.

Training and research

Sipo supports the training of young people and their integration into the world of work by collaborating with the University of Bologna, Polo di Cesena, Department of Food Science and Technology both for the evaluation of curricula and for research projects and degree theses.

SIPO also collaborates with Prof. Andrea Tarozzi of the Rimini University Department of Pharmacology.

Nourishment education

SIPO is committed to disclose company cultivation policies to educate the consumer on the vegetables world by revealing the best production techniques, nutritional properties, distribution, conservation and guiding them towards conscious consumption and healthy eating habits.

As a means of communication Sipo has chosen 7Gold TV with a series “Educational” formats, to better follow the seasonality of the products, in the presence of professionals from the agri-food world, nutritionists, pharmacology experts and farmers.

To reach a wider audience through different touchpoints, Sipo has developed a network of collaborations with nutritionists, brand ambassadors, chefs and influencers, involving them on various digital platforms including the company blog.