These are just some of the local specialties grown by Sipo respecting the seasons and the territory. General Manager Massimiliano Ceccarini talks about it

In Romagna, spring is also made up of fresh vegetables and work in the fields. To tell about this ancient art and its modern custodians is Massimiliano Ceccarini, our General Manager who carries on a family tradition that for over fifty years has valued and protected Romagna products. Massimiliano explains: “Our commitment is also aimed at restoring socio-economic value to the territory: this area is in fact characterized by small farms, and the lack of generational turnover puts many indigenous crops at risk of abandonment”.

An example of Romagna cultivation with an ancient history is that of radishes, small tubers, to be enjoyed in a fresh salad or in pinzimonio, appearing in the Romagna vegetable basket of Sipo until November. Belonging to the family of Cruciferae, small and spicy, there are several species, but the most common in Italy are red with white pulp. “You can also eat radish leaves, cooked in the same way as spinach”, explained Massimiliano.

For Sipo, preserving local products also means limiting the environmental impact, with eco-compatible and recyclable packaging, and returning to the values of the agricultural world while protecting its companies. Massimiliano clarified: “The commitment to preserve local products is essential for us. It is important to continue, also thanks to large-scale distribution, by making the vegetables of Romagna known and appreciated beyond the regional borders. The goal is to promote economies of scale for farmers with positive effects on the continuity of traditions and crops “.