Marinated Cherry Tomatoes with Burrata

We present a summer dish from DREAM… Marinated Tomatoes And Tomatoes With Burrata

Technically this is an appetizer, but if you sit in front of a creamy burrata, toasted rustic bread and the most delicious cherry tomatoes you will ever eat, this will become your lunch!

If you are looking for new varieties to try with your recipes, you will not go wrong with SiPomodoro.

The cute 100% Italian fruits are ideal for a sweet and healthy snack, but also fun to interpret with your recipes. There is a whole world of ancient cherry tomato varieties that go far beyond red.

… 1, start with the marinade. It is a simple blend of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Sapori del Mio Orto fresh aromatic herbs, garlic, salt and pepper. Super simple blend, but really good.

… 2, now add the Sipomodoro tomatoes. They must be Sipomodoro, because nothing is comparable.

… 3, take some relaxation. Allow the cherry tomatoes to marinate for at least thirty minutes, but a few hours is ideal … which means, this is a fantastic party dish that you can prepare in advance.

… 4, once your cherry tomatoes are flavored you will be ready to grill the bread.

… 5, now prepare a good and creamy really good burrata or your favorite cheese for the summer.

… 6, get some fresh figs to pair with burrata, cherry tomatoes and bread.

… .7, eat, eat and EAT.

Simple enough, right? So simple that they are pretty sure that you will make this recipe at least once a week, yes for sure!