You can't get more Romagna than this !!! Here is the inspiration ... season the Passatelli! He will serve sweet Romagna shallot, artisanal Mora Romagnola pancetta and Fossa cheese.

Ingredients for Passatelli (for 4 people)

200 gr of fine breadcrumbs (here in Romagna, the breadcrumbs for passatelli are sold; if you want to grate your leftover bread, you must use the so-called common bread of the hotel type, Mantuan, etc., which gives a very thin grating. Breads with a consistent crust such as Tuscan, Apulian, etc. are not good, because they do not bind the dough and the passatello melts. The bread to be grated, of course, must not be fresh, but only a few days old).
150 gr of grated Parmesan cheese
3 or 4 eggs
a little grated lemon peel
1 pinch of nutmeg
1 pinch of salt
In a bowl, mix all the ingredients until you have a consistent dough, but not too hard (otherwise the dough will not go through the iron); if necessary, add a little more beaten egg, but not water. Do not worry if it tends to crumble a little, the important thing is that by recompacting it with your hands it stays together. Put the dough a little at a time in the tool and mash to a length of your choice (usually 4-5 cm.), Cut with a knife and place the passatelli on a tray. It is also possible to freeze them raw for future use, throwing them into the boiling broth while still frozen. Throw them into the boiling broth and cook 1 minute after the boiling resumes.
Put on plates.

For the sauce:
6 slightly thick slices of artisanal Mora Romagnola pancetta (or other one at your disposal)
5 Romagna sweet shallots (or others available)
6/8 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
150 g. of Fossa di Sogliano al Rubicone cheese or grated Ambra di Talamello (or other well seasoned and tasty, Parmesan or Grana are also good)
2 bunches of Stridoli
Salt and freshly ground pepper
In a large pan with the oil, sauté the peeled shallot and cut into thin slices, taking care to add salt. In the meantime, cut the pancetta into strips, then add it to the shallot and cook it slightly, but first admire its wonder (the goodness, unfortunately, you can only imagine). Wash and peel the stridoli, then put them in the pan as well, letting them wilt just a little. Also add salt if needed. Throw the passatelli in boiling salted water for two minutes (or in a meat broth would be the best, if you have it available). Drain and toss in the pan with the sauce. Season with a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper. Portion into plates and sprinkle with plenty of pit cheese.