It will be LIVE on Saturday morning on 7 Gold in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Sicily

"La Natura dal campo alla tavola":the second season of the tv and online format kicks off

Only a few days before the start of the second season of the TV and social format “Nature from the field to the table – History of Italian excellence”, a TV format and on social channels to highlight the fruit and vegetable sector for consumers in 5 of the major Italian regions. Ten appointments from 12 February to 25 June 2022, broadcast live on the 7 Gold circuit in Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Emilia Romagna and Sicily and streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels from the Rimini television studios, where various players in the supply chain will intervene , from production to retail, from research to communication.

Launched by the national TV 7 Gold in collaboration with Sipo on the occasion of Macfrut Digital 2020, after the 8 episodes of last year it continues now with a renewed schedule of 10 other appointments, which will be broadcast from February to June 2022.

The show will be LIVE on Saturday morning, at 11 am. The outset is scheduled for February 12 with a focus on “Oranges of Sicily, the red that bewitches”. The second episode will follow, on February 26, with “There are Mushrooms and Mushrooms”, while on March 12 the theme will focus on “Our Roots” to focus on what grows underground and then ends up in the kitchen.

Il 26 marzo sarà la volta di “Sua maestà l’asparago si presenta“, mentre il 9 aprile occhi puntati sul pomodoro con “E’ il sapore che fa la differenza“. Il 23 aprile si torna in Sicilia con “I frutti del vulcano” (fico d’India e ciliegie dell’Etna) mentre il 14 maggio le telecamere di 7Gold si accenderanno su “Le verdure di Romagna“.

A fine mese, il 28 maggio, spazio alle angurie con “La dolce passione di grandi e piccoli” per poi l’11 giugno ancora dalla Sicilia su “Economia circolare e sostenibilità in agricoltura“. L’ultima puntata andrà in onda il 25 giugno, facendo sintesi sulla stagione ortofrutticola in corso.

In the previous 2020/21 season, 8 episodes were LIVE with regional coverage in Emilia Romagna on 7Gold, a share of 20,000 / 25,000 viewers and an unexpected success on social media, with over 20,000 people following the live streaming. Given the great appreciation from the public, the second edition will also be LIVE in Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria and Sicily. The collaboration with Sipo continues and two new partners Consorzio Euroagrumi and Lamboseeds enter the field.

Conducted by the journalist Cristiano Riciputi, the program will be LIVE on Saturdays from 11 to 12 on 7Gold with a demographic coverage of 25,000,000 people, 50% men and 50% women. It starts on February 12 with an episode dedicated to the red orange of Sicily.

The performers: Sipo, Euroagrumi and Lamboseeds
There are three companies in the fruit and vegetable sector that have given life to this second edition. The first is Sipo, based in Bellaria Igea Marina (Rimini), active since the 1950s. There are four brands of the company: Verdure di Romagna distinguishes fresh local vegetables and vegetables to enhance the territory, its food and wine culture and biodiversity; the historical brand Sapori del mio Orto distinguishes fresh vegetables packaged as they are and fresh and prepared recipes proposed by chefs and nutritionists. Sapori del bio Orto is the brand that distinguishes the best vegetables from organic farming, preserving the environment and biodiversity; Sipomodoro is the 100% made in Italy tomato brand that rests its foundations on a long process of genetic selection and a proven cultivation program; finally, the Fresh Pestos are a line of vegetable sauces prepared naturally, with cold techniques to keep the taste and organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

The consortium of fruit and vegetable producers Euroagrumi was founded in 1986 to promote the concentration of the supply of citrus productions of oranges, lemons, clementines and mandarins processed by the member cooperatives and their relative marketing. It is based in Biancavilla (Catania). At the same time, with the production and marketing of Sicilian oranges and citrus fruits protected by the PGI brand and above all the red orange of Sicily PGI, the consortium also carries on some typical productions of the area such as the tobacco peach, the pear leg, the cherry of the Etna and the prickly pear.

The typical products of the Etna valley are experiencing a relaunch season, thanks to the 3 Moretti brand for the distribution of the products of the Euragrumi Op consortium. their origin of provenance. The goal is to grow in niche markets, offering top quality products linked to the territory.

Lamboseeds was born in 2002 from the intuition of internationally renowned professionals engaged in active research on the best Italian plant ecotypes. the company is based in Sant’Agata Bolognese and is the reference point in Italy in the quality seeds sector. From the beginning, Lamboseeeds has focused on the development of fruit and vegetable variety seeds among the most interesting and valuable, both from a productive and nutritional point of view, with the aim of creating new varieties, starting from the most authentic local ecotypes, selecting in the districts of cultivation the best hybrids that derive from it.

Thanks to its experience and its quality, over the years the company has established itself by presenting on the market real innovations able to guide the choices and tastes of consumers, such as the original Minirossa, the first mini watermelon ever grown nationally. . The company – whose mission is the high productivity and the high health and nutritional content of its cultivars – is the leader of a project “Quality vegetables in the supply chain” which aims to enhance the product, the producer and the supply chain.

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