In front of a fragrant plate of fried artichokes in batter, the word would be totally up to the senses, all without exception.
Golden, fragrant and crunchy morsels with a soft heart where the scronch is an implicit part of goodness. In short, hearing, often marginalized in the sensoriality of a food, plays a leading role in this dish because good frying crunches. Artichokes are “OK”, but then everyone’s nightmare appears: frying! There should be no taboos on the table if everything is done with criteria and balance. For this reason, perhaps it is good to dwell on this cooking system. Respecting the rules for each type of cooking allows you to minimize the many transformations and losses of nutrients that affect taste and health. The good execution determines the wholesomeness of the frying. The “unhealthy” is not to be attributed only to the increase in calories due to fat absorption, but above all to the choice of frying oil and to the attention not to exceed the smoking point, which would lead to the formation of harmful and harmful compounds for the body, such as acrolein. For this reason it is important to choose the oil according to its smoke point, paying attention to the cooking temperature (170/180 ° C), to avoid too much fat being absorbed and the oil modifying its structure, oxidizing and forming toxic compounds. It follows that the most suitable oils are extra virgin olive oil (180/190 ° C) and peanut oil (210 ° C). For the same reason it is important not to use the same oil for repeated cooking. In this recipe the protagonists are the artichokes, originally from the Mediterranean, to which the crown with or without thorns according to the variety, gives it the appearance of King of the garden.



1 tray of Artichokes Sapori del Mio Orto
50 g of flour
5 or g of rice flour
170 g of mineral water
a lemon
frying oil (as suggested below)

In a bowl, prepare the batter, mix the two flours, add cold mineral water and salt, you will need to obtain a light and fairly liquid batter, this is the secret, it must not be too heavy.
Now go to frying, deep oil nice hot and as you cut the artichokes a little at a time, you will divide them first in half and then, according to the size, obtain from 4 to 5 wedges, dip them with one hand in the batter, remove the one in excess shaking them well and then dip them in the oil.
Fry according to the size of your pan but remember not too many pieces at a time.
Brown them well and then drain them on a sheet of absorbent paper (paper towel or paper straw) and continue until the artichokes run out.


Four artichokes are easy to make and will be enough for a side dish of 4 people. You can also fry them first, then heat them in the hot oven for 10 minutes, my artichokes are good too !!!

How can we not agree, in fact, there are so many therapeutic virtues and nutritional qualities attributed to this vegetable.
They are digestive and detoxifying purifiers, are rich in antioxidants and mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium but above all iron. We also find vitamin A, some of the B group, vitamin C and vitamin PP.
Artichokes are rich in fiber, and the presence of inulin means that they are a good source of prebiotics, important for intestinal health as well as a good help in keeping cholesterol and blood glucose levels under control during meals. . This is why they are recommended in the nutrition of diabetics.
They also have a positive effect on the kidneys and, thanks to their purifying and diuretic properties, have a positive effect on water retention.
The beneficial action, for which they are best known, works in favor of the gallbladder and liver as they stimulate the production of bile, facilitating its transport. They act on the liver with hepatoprotective, antitoxic and purifying actions. One of the active ingredients responsible for the pharmacological goodness of this vegetable is the cynarin, contained in the robust armor of leaves which also signs the “sweetly” bitter flavor.
Taste and health cannot be measured by counting calories tout court, but it does not leave us indifferent to know that in addition to being good they only provide 22 kcal / 100gr.
Fried artichokes in batter can be a valuable ally for mothers, because they are a good way to bring the little ones closer to “the friends” of their health, with a rough appearance and sometimes hostile taste. But how can you remain indifferent to a tender artichoke wrapped in a crisp, golden and crunchy shell?
Respecting the uses, customs and tastes, it is good to always emphasize that the common factor is the good quality of the raw material, where in the vegetable world freshness is not a suggestion but a commandment. Common sense in the use and not in the abuse of fried foods is the rule.
Nutrition is also experimentation and comparison, so this recipe could find its own reason for taste and an advantage in nutrition if it is proposed in the oriental version, which uses tempura instead of batter, lightening the fried food since tempura generally does not use the egg.
For “the tender-hearted artichoke who dressed as a warrior” this is just one of the many parts to be played in the comedy of the great table.

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