Today Friday 18 March is World Recycling Day. The issue of the environment is a necessary issue for the protection of our planet. There are now many events to protect our environment, respect for nature and, above all, the recycling of goods present in nature. Always attentive to the protection of the territory, the rational management of the planet's resources and the well-being of people, we at SIPO daily consolidate low environmental impact cultivation techniques that respect man and nature, along the entire supply chain. Reusing by-products and being able to dispose of waste by transforming it, leads to a reduction in the need for natural resources and has a strong positive impact on the environment. It is with this in mind that we have started collaborations with some farms in the area so that our waste (all certified by the body in charge) and the processing by-products are reused daily in the formulation of food for zootechnical use, thus reducing the environmental impact necessary for their production and making the waste transformation process more efficient.

Recycling literally means reusing the things we no longer use. Give it a new destination in order to protect the increasingly scarce raw materials in nature. However, not everyone understands and still shares the importance of recycling. For many it seems to be too difficult and therefore they do not do it but, by following these 10 simple tips you will see how it will be easier to recycle and do it too.

So let’s see what are the 10 things to do to recycle properly.

Start recycling in your little one

The habit of recycling comes from “eating”. Start in your little one to impose small rules in the house in order to “self-oblige” you to respect the rules of waste recycling. Try to educate your children too, for them it will be easier because they will have to learn something new directly, for you adults you have to change and your life habits will be more difficult. But don’t give up, think that by recycling in your little one you will help your children to have a better way. Create your own small ecological island with home by managing waste bins in the best possible way.

Learn to separate garbage well

Recycling is not a trivial matter. You need to be well informed about where your every single refusal goes. Sometimes we think we know perfectly well where some things are going to be thrown which, however, in reality this is not the case. So do your research before parting. Read about the bins on the street, or ask your municipality for an information brochure that can explain in detail how to recycle. Remember to use biodegradable bags for waste recycling and, in the carton, avoid leaving the bag. Empty the carton so that only the paper is thrown away. As you do it you will realize that it will be easier and easier to do it.

Remember to always wash your garbage before sorting it out

Not everyone knows that before throwing out the garbage it must be washed. It is a step that takes very little time but, very often, you avoid doing it.
It is important to wash the garbage before throwing it away. First of all, it avoids the recreating of insects and small animals that would remain in the house until it is thrown out. And then it is a way to facilitate its reuse. If you get used to it you will see that slowly it will be a routine gesture. Consistency will be your strength.

Special waste

Special waste, unlike municipal waste, is waste from construction operations (including domestic), renovation or refurbishment of the garden. Very often, when you rely on a company, it will itself take care of disposing of waste in a legal manner (but you must make sure that it actually does). However, it can happen that you do small jobs at home yourself and, therefore, you will have to worry about disposing of waste in a legal manner following the relevant legislation. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT THROW RUBBISH IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. It will be your children who will suffer the consequences of your negligence.

Manage your bins at home

In order to ensure proper waste management it is necessary to differentiate the bins at home. It will be easier for you to do it too. Try to create your own small ecological area in the house. If you are lucky enough to have a garden you can recreate a small structure where you can hold all the bins otherwise, there are many space-saving solutions that allow you to have the bins for recycling at home without, however, having to sacrifice too much space. Buy the bins dedicated to recycling, assign a destination to each color and you will see that it will be even easier to collect.

Try to encourage your acquaintances to recycle

If your friends or family do not respect the rules of separate collection try to be their “nightmare”.
He explains to them how much it is necessary for the protection of the planet that they make every effort to ensure that separate waste collection is done at home. When you go to dinner with them, you make sure you have the sorting. Help them understand how easy it is to do it. Let them read this article so that they can easily approach recycling. The planet belongs to everyone. Let’s respect it.

Buy recycled products

It is not only necessary to recycle to ensure the recycling of materials and save the planet. It is also necessary to try to buy already recycled products in order to avoid the consumption of other raw materials. It is not necessary to recycle garbage and still buy products that have been created with the use of new raw materials. There are already a lot of recycled things. The notebooks and everything related to paper, plastic bottles with recycled plastic, clothing, pens, pencils .. and so on and so forth.

Reduce the volume of your junk

Even if you keep a tight seal on your recycling, you don’t have to exaggerate the volume of your garbage. The basic idea is to limit waste to the bare essentials and, when creating garbage, separate it. Try to buy products that contain as little wrapping as possible.
Often in some packages there are quantities of plastic and garbage that are useless for the real use of the object. Prefer objects wrapped in a simple way and with recycled and recyclable materials.

Recycle it in your workplace

Very often it happens that in the office (and not only) a single container is created with all the garbage produced. Depending on what your job is, if yours is an employee or owner, try, in your small way, to stimulate separate waste collection there too. For example, you can put a basket under your desk that catches all the paper. Aside you can put one for plastic or, if you happen to eat in the office, one for the wet. There are many design space-saving baskets that can be useful to the environment and beautiful to look at in a workplace.

Try to live in a plastic free style

The lifestyle you decide to adopt will be fundamental for the protection of our planet. By now the idea of plastic free is a widespread idea shared by everyone. Many beaches in seaside resorts have already adopted this style, many clubs and supermarkets offer everything you need to avoid the use of plastic. From disposable cups, to recycled paper plates and not plastic ones, to metal rather than plastic straws. In short, be the change you want to be.

Very well, now that you have these 10 simple and useful tips on what to do to recycle properly, you will have no more excuses not to do it.

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