Chilli is the spicy fruit that is produced by some plants of the Capsicum genus, Solanaceae family. This fruit looks a lot like a horn and usually has a bright red color. Only a few plants of the Capsicum genus produce hot peppers, and among the best known we have Habanero, Jalapeno and Cornetto.

Hot peppers are a real microworld, until recently the hot peppers were one and only one: the Calabrian one. Also famous overseas thanks to emigrants, it still has the reputation of being one of the most powerful. In recent times, more and more enthusiasts are approaching the world of chillies. Behind each of them there are particular hints as well as different degrees of spiciness, classified according to the Scoville scale. Less trained palates will probably struggle to appease the fire that explodes in the mouth and perceive its aromas. So let’s find out what the Sapori del Mio Orto chillies are:

It is between five and seven centimeters long, slightly curved, and tapers towards the tip. Inside it has two cavities separated by thin septa. The placenta is mainly concentrated in the base of the stem. The pulp is thin and slightly crunchy due to a thick exocarp in proportion to the small size of the fruit, which preserves hydration and juiciness for many days. The seeds are very light yellow, about two millimeters in diameter, abundant. The taste is quite oily, which results in a rapid but persistent spiciness, degree of spiciness 1/10. The smell is pungent, with herbaceous notes. The flavor is rather neutral, not covering, it goes well with any dish.

Perhaps the best known of the hot peppers, the Habanero is part of the Capsicum chinense pepper cultivar, it has a variable length between 2 and 8 cm, its shape looks a lot like a lantern and its degree of spiciness for the ‘Red habanero varies on average around 350,000 SHU. Typical cultivar of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, the name Habanero derives from Havana, the capital of Cuba from which it is believed to come, not surprisingly there are orange varieties on the island, but the most interesting cultivation for this specialty of chili is in Mexico.

Among the Mexican peppers, the Jalapeno pepper is one of the most popular peppers in Europe, this typical Mexican aphrodisiac pepper has a length that varies on average from 5 to 10 centimeters. Unlike the other fruits of the same family, it has a compact and firm pulp, a drier consistency, less thick and fleshy walls. The inside is rich in seeds, the shape of the jalapeño is contained, and its skin is smooth and regular on the outside. In Mexico it is called “fatty pepper”, due to its squat appearance.