Persuasive fruity notes and great organoleptic harmony

The Ciliegino Rosso SiPomodoro has very small berries with a regular spherical shape,
turgid and firm with a very intense red color with a very sweet taste.

Scent of aromatic herbs, persistent aroma of seasoned tomato, slightly fruity, peel, savory, hard, separated from the pulp, sweetish and floral fragrance, very sweet taste, great typical aroma, hard peel scent of tomato sauce of tomato, very salty, savory and sweet.

View: Green clusters, very long branches with up to 17 berries, long and fine stems, reflex sepals, detachment of the berry by abscission. Turgid and firm berries with a very intense red color, glossy skin, about 40% of product. Very small berries of regular spherical shape, low on the rachis. Average weight of the berry of 4.3 grams (ranging from 3.2 to 6.7 grams), average caliber 19.3 mm (ranging from 17 to 23 mm), average hardness of the pulp 0.36 kg (low), variable from 0.20 to 0.54 k Brix average 11.0% on the centrifuged of 30 berries; tolabile acidity 13.31 meq / 100 g, pH 4.30. Smell profile of medium-high intensity with notes also of aromatic herbs. Taste of high sweetness and medium aciditỳ, medium sapiditỳ and medium umami taste varying between berries, very low herbaceous aroma and high tomato aroma.

Pulp of medium crunchiness and consistency, more juicy and not pasty. The peel is thick and of medium-high resistance to bite (its hardness has too high an impact on such small berries), medium-low its adhesion to the pulp.

The evaluation of the pleasantness of the aspect is excellent; or visual with an average score of 7.75 on a scale of 9, good rate on the nose; ). Average overall of 7.08 on a scale of 9 with no overall negative ratings.

Red, round and with brilliant tones is clean, fragrant, harmonious and velvety in the mouth. The sweet note releases a very present ‘aromacity’ of delicious fruits- scents, with refined clotted notes of Sicilian Blood Orange, full-bodied, fragrant, persuasive. Also slight acidity is perceived, capable of elegantly balancing the mouth and giving a very pleasant roundness of taste.