If the children are bored, why not do activities that involve them, perhaps creating fun jobs like the table of five colors.
This game can be useful in teaching him the importance of including fruit and vegetables of the five colors of well-being in his daily diet.

A specially interesting activity to offer to children from an early age is the table of 5 colors.
It is a fun activity to do as a family and which embodies creativity and cuisine suitable for all ages. Basically you choose a daily meal for each of the 5 health colors white, green, red, yellow / orange and purple / blue.
An ad hoc menu is created inspired by the chosen color, for example yellow / orange, so you can prepare together the pumpkin gnocchi as a first course and the potato and carrot meatballs as a second.
For younger children it will be fun to cook together with mom and dad, for older children you can instead prepare colored cards with the recipe, inviting them to cook dinner for the family independently or almost independently (always pay attention to the cooking time!) .
The table will be set by choosing plates, glasses and napkins of the reference color, in this case yellowor orange.

If you prefer green, you can prepare homemade tagliatelle with chard as a first course, spinach omelettes as a second and a kiwi at the end of dinner.
Ideas for a white menu? Grana and leek risotto followed by fish with mashed cauliflower. Do you want to pamper yourself with a good dessert? Green light to the classic apple pie! For the red menu, opt for the classic tomato soup followed by chicken with blood orange. Finish the meal with red currants, of course! Day blue purple menu? Start with a cream of purple cauliflower followed by a blue cordon of baked aubergines. Finish with some grapes. Seeing is believing, you will be amazed at the results you will get with this healthy game!

Play to learn

For this game equip yourself with
sample holder.
Take some cardboard and cut out two circles of equal size: with a pencil, divide the first circle into 5 equal segments and on each of them draw the fruit and vegetables of the various colors.
Now use the second cardboard and cut a wedge, finally overlap them, create a small hole in the center and join them with a sample holder.
The personalized table for your children is ready and can be used to build a colorful menu every day.🍐🍎🫐🍑