The story

Sipo was founded in the ’50s in Bellaria Igea Marina in Romagna, as a family run farming business.

Everything started from here: Dario Ceccarini and his son Franco with the dream to produce what the fields could make at their best and distribute those veggies all over the world.

Today, Massimiliano and Simona, third generation, continue with this desire to bring their produce to the most Italian and foreign tables.

With the same philosophy from the grandfather to his grandchildren , we want to give value on a quality level to Italian fruit and vegetables, respecting the environment and the seasons for a healthy and true nutrition.




Who we are: our team


The offices: sales, finance and the Management

la produzione

The production: the aromatic herbs, minestroni

la produzione il confezionato

The production: the ready to eat and unwashed salads

la produzione lo sfuso

The production: the loose vegetables

il picking e la logistica

il picking

The warehouse and delivery dept.


The technicians

chi siamo 8

Franco, the founder

la nostra storia

Massimiliano, Franco e Simona, the owners



Our values

  • Family, history, territory, Romagna
  • Agricultural production following a controlled production chain, both in fields and greenhouses
  • Giving value on a quality level to the Romagna territory and specific productive suitable areas in Italy
  • Seasonality + all year continuity
  • We want to give consumers the experience, care and taste of the products as if they had grown them
  • Unique products: no waste, convenience, right doses for recipes, freshness and quality
  • Respecting nature
  • Specialized products: recipes, minestrone, vegetables from Romagna, aromatic herbs, mushrooms and organic products
  • Continuous research and development: collaborations with universities, research centers, chefs and nutritionists
  • Continuous attention to the consumers’ needs: eating healthily, local, in season, good and true



In the fields

We grow both in fields and in greenhouses, on an area of over 300 Ha in Italy

favoring the most suitable areas to the desired product and appropriate season. We especially give priority to the territory of Romagna from spring to autumn, giving value to its cultivations and entire productive system, and at the same time, try to provide product continuity and the best quality possible.

In order to have totally natural products, we have been producing organic vegetables for years.

Thanks to safe and modern productive rules and systems, which respect man and the environment, we organize, favor, plan and control both integrated pest control limiting the use of pesticides and organic vegetable productions.
sul campo 1 sul campo 2 sul campo 3



From the preparation to the table

Upon arrival in the company, the products are sorted, cleaned and cut if needed, washed and rinsed so that they are healthy and perfect. The water is refrigerated in order to stabilize the products’ bacterial count.

Processing, packaging, picking, loading and unloading are the 4 areas of the production plant

All the areas are refrigerated to guarantee the cold chain.
The packaging is done by hand because we want the products to be beautiful as if they were in your plate in your kitchen.
We provide just in time deliveries, thanks to our specialized vehicles which guarantee the cold chain.
Due to the specific nature of our products, we can deliver small quantities and tailor made to your needs.

Because we want to give you always the best available, we invest in certifications, such as Global Gap, for an extreme and complete traceability, Organic, which allows us to produce and sell in Italy and abroad organic products, and Jas Organic, for the sale of organic product in Japan.